Review: Holy Stone X300C HD Camera Quadcopter!

Review: Holy Stone X300C HD Camera Quadcopter!

If the Holy Stone M62R (Around $60) is an entry level drone for beginning hobbyists, this drone takes it a step further, and includes some great stuff – HD camera, Headless Mode, One-Key Return, and a live video smartphone stream function. Of course, there are other functions that make this quadcopter a GREAT value, but they can’t be all listed here.

First of all, let me say this right away: this is one of the best drones on the market that you can get at this price range. This drone is simply phenomenal for several reasons – allow me to outline those reasons for you.

1. Feature-Packed
– This quadcopter comes with a ton of features that you will appreciate. First, headless mode. Headless mode basically means that you can make the quadcopter go “left” or “right”, without having to care about the quadcopter’s orientation in the air. This is simply activated with the press of a button.
– One-key return. Have you ever flown your quadcopter and you have lost control of it, or it has gone out of boundaries into the “danger zone”? Well, with this quadcopter you can simply press a button to make the quadcopter to fly back to you. The only problem that I see with this is that the quadcopter zooms past the transmitter when the one-key return is activated. Just make sure there’s nothing behind you when you’re activating the one-key return.
– 3 modes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can see the controller, and be overwhelmed by the complex controls that the controller comes with. However, you can choose between beginner, intermediate, or advanced control modes, thus anyone at any quadcopter flying skill level will be able to use the controller with ease.
– You can even view your live video footage taken by the quadcopter on your very own smartphone.

2.Intermediate-Level Controller
– As mentioned above, the controller comes with a lot of options – some of which you will not use until you have become an expert at the basic skills of flying a quadcopter. But once you DO reach that level, you will be able to appreciate all the extra controls on the transmitter. Who knows, you might be the next professional quadcopter flyer!

3. OK Camera Quality
– The video footages captured by this quadcopter are amazing. With its HD camera, the quadcopter is capable of taking 720p footage – nothing crazy, but definitely appreciable on a quadcopter at this price. Word of WARNING – although the quality of the video is quite nice, the footages end up really choppy, and the video quality is worsened considerably – I believe this is due to the underwhelming micro SD card that is installed on the quadcopter, so I wish Holy Stone would change this quadcopter’s design for the micro SD to be user-replaceable, so that a better micro SD card can be used.
– Video footages are saved directly onto your smartphone – personally this is excellent for me, as I have expandable memory on my smartphone, so no need to hassle with the quadcopter itself.

4.Stable Flyer
– The quadcopter was one of THE most stable flyers, and it stood against light and moderate wind very well. I assume it should be fine against some strong wind, but I wouldn’t fully trust any quadcopter against strong wind, unless it’s a $1000 plus quadcopter.

5. Durable
– The drone consists mainly of plastic, which helps the drone to simply bounce off obstacles without being damaged.
– The overall construction is very tightly packed and put together.
– The camera module is installed flush with the quadcopter’s design (instead of sticking out like some other quadcopters), so no need to worry about damaging the camera module after crashes!
– The motors can be replaced simply by taking the old one out, and placing a new one in. No soldering required.

Overall, this drone is a great value. This quadcopter is a great way to get into quadcopters and drones, or for continuing quadcopter fanatics and hobbyists to pursue their passion.
It’s affordable, easy to operate, and comes with a lot of features and functionalities that you will definitely appreciate – with some drawbacks, of course.

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