River Treasure Hunting with the FiFish 4K Underwater Drone Helps Find Treasures (Scuba Diving)

River Treasure Hunting with the FiFish 4K Underwater Drone Helps Find Treasures (Scuba Diving)

Underwater river treasure hunting just got even more fun using the FiFish P3 from our 50th Episode video sponsor QYSEA. 💦🤖
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Of course, we still suited up and went scuba diving to retrieve all of the underwater treasure we found in the lake.

You never know what you’re going to find and/or get yourself into on your next treasure hunt, especially when you go scuba diving and hunting for underwater treasure here in Central Oregon.

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On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, MrLeisek sets out on another underwater scuba diving, treasure hunting adventure at Lake Billy Chinook here in Central Oregon.

Every time we get in the water and go scuba diving, it’s a new treasure hunt which never disappoints as we tend to always find a goldmine of treasure and garbage along the way.

This time around we used the FiFish P3 underwater drone that shoots in 4K up to 330 feet underwater to locate some of our river treasures before jumping in with our scuba gear.

The FiFish drone was able to locate a bottle in the lake and it found a slow sign as well underwater.

In testing the depth, we took the 4K underwater drone down to 70 feet under the bridge.

Stoked with how well the LED Drone Lights work!!!

We also found the run of the mill bottles and cans, along with clothes, dog toys, broken glass, hats, etc.

Even found a battery in the lake along with an old bicycle.

Ready to join us on our next treasure dive?

Just hit us up next time you’re in town and want to treasure hunt.

We never get tired of underwater treasure hunting…

I have personally pulled 3000+ pounds of garbage out of the lakes and rivers this year. … 〽️

At the end of the day, we feel amazing about our efforts in all the garbage we take out of the lakes and rivers in our measly little attempt to help save the planet, the fish, and the animals. 🐟

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