Russia Future Strategy: Demonstrating Of Destroying US, Israel and all Alliance (TANK-AIRCRAFT-SHIP)

Russia Future Strategy: Demonstrating Of Destroying US, Israel and all Alliance (TANK-AIRCRAFT-SHIP)

Military Update News : Russia Future Strategy: Demonstrating Of Destroying US, Israel and all Alliance (TANK-AIRCRAFT-SHIP)

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The Russian Army Is Developing Killer Drone Swarms

The Russian Army, copying its adversaries in the Middle East, plans to deploy small drones capable of swarming enemies and showering them with grenade-sized munitions. Moscow plans to send large numbers of drones against enemy targets in wartime, giving defenders too many targets to engage and ensuring that at least some of them will get through.

Russia Invents Flying, Shooting Kalashnikov Rifle Drone

Russia’s largest defense contractor has invented an assault rifle drone capable of flying and shooting at the same time.

The state-owned Almaz-Antey company filed a patent for the armed drone with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property in 2018. Described as β€œa fully functioning [gun] inside a set of wings,” the 23-kilogram drone is capable of flying for 40 minutes and staying aloft while shooting.

β€œOur task was to lift a device with a weapon into the sky and provide maximum stability of its performance and high accuracy of striking the target,” said its designer, the Moscow Aviation Institute.

According to the institute, the drone is equipped with an autoloading Kalashnikov rifle with a 10-round, box-type magazine.

The drone rifle can continue tracking a target that it misses the first time around without the need to manually adjust its flight path, the aviation institute said.

Video footage shows the drone taking off and flying for several minutes before landing. Another video shows a shooter picking up the airframe and firing a few rounds.

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