Samsung's Gear VR takes flight, Drone gun cam, Tesla shocks passengers – DT Daily (Jan 29)

Samsung's Gear VR takes flight, Drone gun cam, Tesla shocks passengers – DT Daily (Jan 29)

Strapping a virtual reality headset to your melon is still a practice reserved for the techiest of tech users, but don’t tell that to Quantas airlines.

The Aussie air carrier has begun a three-month pilot program that gives first-class passengers the option to don the VR headsets and briefly forget about the fact that they’re whizzing through the air 7 miles up at 500 miles an hour in tube covered in thin aluminum. The system uses the Gear VR headset and Note 4 handsets, and content includes VR tours of Quantas destinations along with looks at products and services.

The headsets will also be offered at certain airport lounges in Australia and Los Angeles, and we’d bet that once the trial run ends, this could be a cool new in-flight movie solution.

Yesterday, we told you about the drunk drone pilot that crash-landed his quad copter on the White House lawn. Today, we’ve stumbled across another crazy video: some Einstein decided to arm a drone with some roman candles:

Since video is already part of the drone’s package, we have to admit the gun camera footage is, well, pretty awesome, and we’re glad to see the hapless targets at least wore helmets. Anyway, reminder: the FAA is still trying to figure out the rules for drones, and we’re pretty sure that arming them isn’t going to be one of the things that gets an OK. That’s for the really big military drones.

Don’t think electric cars are the future? Then you haven’t taken a ride in a Tesla P85D set to “insane mode” yet.

So what’s so insane about it? Just this: it lets the car access nearly 900 pound feet of torque from the get-go, which rockets it to 60 miles an hour in 3 seconds. Drag Times recently posted a video of what that looks like to unsuspecting passengers, and the results are comical.

Our favorites? A woman doing the “oh lordy,” one guy getting his O-face on, and two jaded, gadget-toting youngsters getting their tech pinned to the rear seat by the horizontal g-forces. The Tesla also gets its gallop on in near silence, except for all the swearing by those inside, so that’s kinda weird too. And when it’s not scaring people, we hear it’s actually a pretty nice car to drive normally.

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