Suspected North Korean drone spied on THAAD site: S. Korean military

Last week the South Korean military recovered a drone that crashed in Gangwon-do Province We're now learning two things

North Korea has made big improvements in drone technology, and the regime wanted to use the vehicle to take pictures of the THAAD anti-missile battery Kim Hyun-bin tells us more The South Korean military has retrieved hundreds of photos from a suspected North Korean drone found last week near the inter-Korean border The unmanned aerial vehicle was equipped with a Sony-made camera with a 64 gigabyte memory chip Stored on the chip were ten photos of the U

S missile defense system THAAD stationed some 270 kilometers from the inter-Korean border This is the first time a drone has been used to take pictures of the THAAD site Officials say the drone flew at an altitude of under three kilometers, and while the resolution of the photos are low, if enlarged they do show two THAAD launchers and its radar The drone is believed to have been sent out on its mission not long after THAAD was deployed on April 26th, but it fell to the ground on the way back after it ran out of power

The drone is similar in size and shape to the drone North Korea sent in March of 2014 to Baengnyeongdo Island on the western sea border which was estimated to have flown some 300 hundred kilometers However, the most recent drone appears to have some major improvements It used a duel engine and is estimated to have flown some 600 kilometers Military experts say that the South Korean government needs to come up with efficient counter measures to deal with the drone problem, which poses a grave threat to the country “North Korea's drones are small, so they're hard to detect with our existing radar

And if loaded with chemical weapons or explosives, they could be deadly” "The South Korean military is speeding up the development of low-altitude radar and drone targeting systems and plans to put them in place within the next three years to better cope with those threats" Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News

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