Technology Replacing the Human Factor: Its Effect in the Workplace

Technology Replacing the Human Factor: Its Effect in the Workplace

Today’s video is part two of last week’s discussion on the changes that technology has brought to the workplace. I hone in on the fact that technology has replaced the human factor in many work-related settings.

The next video will again focus on technology in the workplace and examine how technology has created notable efficiencies that have changed the landscape of many work-related settings.

So, I’d love for you to tune in to this table talk, where you’re sure to get some “real” insight into how technology has created change in how we obtain our jobs and in the actual work we do.

Your undivided attention is appreciated but not required in order for you to learn something today. Therefore, please feel free to listen while you multitask, if you so choose.

Some of my best learning sessions have taken place as I do chores around the house or drive in my car.

So, relax and enjoy today’s table discussion.

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