The Future Of Warfare: Laser Cannons & Drone Armies

The Future Of Warfare: Laser Cannons & Drone Armies

Scientists recruited by the government have been developing some pretty crazy technology. What will weapons look like in the future?

How Ex-Nazis & Jewish Scientists Got The U.S. To The Moon –
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The US Army Wants Biodegradable Bullets That Sprout Plants

“The DoD…is soliciting proposals for biodegradable bullets ‘loaded with specialized seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants that eliminate ammunition debris and contaminants.’ Such materials best suited for these bullets could include the same biodegradable plastics used to make water bottles or plastic containers. Or it could be some other material altogether.”

Pentagon successfully tests micro-drone swarm

“The Pentagon may soon be unleashing a 21st-century version of locusts on its adversaries after officials on Monday said it had successfully tested a swarm of 103 micro-drones.The important step in the development of new autonomous weapon systems was made possible by improvements in artificial intelligence, holding open the possibility that groups of small robots could act together under human direction.”

UK military to build prototype ‘laser weapon’

“The UK Ministry of Defence has officially awarded a £30m contract to produce a prototype laser weapon. The aim is to see whether “directed energy” technology could benefit the armed forces, and is to culminate in a demonstration of the system in 2019.”

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