The Surge 2 – All Combat Drone Module Locations (Swiss Army Drone) Trophy / Achievement

The Surge 2 – All Combat Drone Module Locations (Swiss Army Drone) Trophy / Achievement

There are a total of 12 Drone Modules that you will need to collect that are required in order to obtain this trophy / achievement. There are a few more drone attachments but those are consumables and aren’t required for this.

0:00 – The first two drone modules you will obtain will come to you once you’ve beaten the first real boss of the game Warden Garcia. All you have to do is defeat the warden. You don’t need to cut any special part off of the warden. After that you will obtain the drone and you will obtain the modules (S & R Drone, and the R-1 ‘Diode’ Laspistol).

The third drone is obtained by cutting off an enemy with a burst firearms arm off. If you see an enemy using a burst rifle then you will need to target that arm until you’ve brought his health and shield down enough to cut it off. You will not always obtained the weapon by cutting it off so keep going until you’ve gotten it.

The fourth combat drone is located on the scaffolding. you’ll be able to get on top of the scaffolding after you come up from under the streets to the other side where you need to unlock the fence. You will actually have to use one of the jump pads and it will put you right on top of the scaffolding. This is the banner drone.

The fifth one is located a little shortcut after you get on the other side of the fence heading towards the seaside area. Once you’re on the other side of the fence you will see a guy near a barrel. if you look behind him going towards the seaside you will see a broken fence. Go through it and once you’ve fallen down look towars your left and you will see the spray paint drone. Just go up to it and grab it.


The tenth combat drone module is obtained by cutting off the left leg of the boss Captain Cervantes. You will need to target the left leg throughout the fight until you’ve taken off the armor and taken enough of his health in order to sever his left leg giving you this drone module.

The eleventh drone module is obtained during the boss fight against Metal Armor & Major General Ezra Shields. After you’ve beaten Metal Armor you will need to fight the general. During that fight target back towards Metal Armor and attack his fire cannon arm. You will need to destroy this arm before you defeat the general in order to obtain this drone module.


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