THIS Is The Best Drone For Kids In 2019 (Period!)

THIS Is The Best Drone For Kids In 2019 (Period!)

Does your young kid want his or her first drone but you have no idea what the best drone for kids is? Don’t want to spend much money (it’s probably going to take a few bumps after all), but don’t want to buy a piece of total junk?! Well, that’s where Kigu’s ‘Hot Toys’ comes to the rescue!

In this video we recommend three extremely good value drones for 2019, break down their assets, and give our preferences, so you can make an informed decision when choosing the best drone for your kids this year.

Choosing that first drone for kids is not easy with so many on the market – do yourself a favour and watch the video until the end… your wallet may thank you for it later on!

We’ve provided links to all three drones below, and just to be clear we do not receive any kind of commission from any of the links. This is purely to save you the trouble of Googling around!

DJI Tello Quadcopter:

Holy Stone F181C Quadcopter:

Potensic A20 Quadcopter:

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‘Lights Go Down’, by Dan Henig:

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