Top 5 Concept Aircraft 2019 – 2020 ✪ Innovative Technologies 4

Top 5 Concept Aircraft 2019 – 2020 ✪ Innovative Technologies 4

Are you searching for what is the best new aircraft ever designed? This is the continuation of the list video with the best new futuristic concept aircraft from high tech aerospace companies from all over the globe.

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VAMP/LEAF Venus Aircraft

The Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform (VAMP) air vehicle (AV) is an aeroshell-less hypersonic entry vehicle that transitions to a semi-buoyant, maneuverable, solar powered air vehicle for flight in Venus’ atmosphere. VAMP AV will be transported to Venus by a carrier/orbiter spacecraft. Once the spacecraft is safely in Venus’ orbit, VAMP AV is deployed while still attached to spacecraft. It is then released and enters the atmosphere, floating down toward the planet almost like a falling leaf. Once the AV is in the atmosphere and has completed the entry phase, it transitions to the flight phase of the mission. 

Lilium Aviation Jet

While vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) itself is not new – after all, quadcopters, tilt rotors and tilt wings are well-known concepts – we did not want to accept the compromises inherent to these configurations. Quadcopters excel with their simplicity but are highly inefficient in cruise flight. Transition aircraft can fly three times faster and ten times further with an equally sized battery, but system complexity is usually much higher. So, the goal was set: defining a transition aircraft concept with better performance in safety, noise, speed, range and payload than existing concepts, while cutting complexity to one third.

Boeing Electric Freighter

Boeing is accelerating breakthrough advancements in autonomous air travel. It recently completed initial flight tests of an electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) unmanned cargo aerial vehicle (CAV) prototype. The innovative platform is designed to test and evolve Boeing’s autonomy technology for future aerospace vehicles.
In less than three months, Boeing engineers designed and built the CAV prototype, which stands four feet off the ground, measures 15 by 18 feet and weighs more than 700 pounds. It is outfitted with eight counter-rotating propeller blades and custom Boeing batteries that allow for vertical flight.

Zunum Aero

What if you could get to places much faster than you can today? What if flying cost a lot less than it does today? If thousands of communities were connected by air service? What if aircraft were quieter, with far lower emissions? Imagine leaving your doorstep in San Jose at 7 AM and making it to a 9:30 AM meeting in Pasadena. With Zunum Aero, simply drive to a nearby airfield and walk to your aircraft with bags in tow, for a trip that will take half the time and at a much lower fare. Or skip the meeting altogether, and be on the slopes in Tahoe by 8:40 AM for $100 round-trip, and back home the same evening.

Boom Technology Supersonic

XB-1 is the first independently developed supersonic jet—and history’s fastest civil aircraft. It will give us valuable experience with the forces, temperatures, and aerodynamics at these speeds. In the last year, Boom has completed the conceptual and preliminary designs, high-temperature structural tests, as well as wind tunnel testing. Flight test will be conducted from Mojave Air & Space Port in Southern California, with supersonic flight tests in the historic R-2508 corridor near Edwards Air Force Base.


TOP 10 Future Aircraft

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