Toy Drones are the newest must have gadgets

Toy Drones are the newest must have gadgets

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Toy Drones are coming. And they’re not just for the military anymore.

Dozens of companies have sprung up in the last few years making remote controlled, Toy Drones mounted with cameras, that are increasingly being used for commercial and even entertainment purposes.

But these aren’t the remote controlled helicopters you remember flying as a kid. Today’s Toy Drones are lighter, have better software, longer lasting batteries and vastly improved camera technology.

On the higher end of the cost spectrum are Toy Drones with high definition cameras that can operate a mile or more from the person flying it. They can cost tens of thousand of dollars, and are aimed at a variety of commercial uses.

Law enforcement agencies and border patrol are using them to keep tabs on suspected scofflaws. Journalists and sports photographers use them in lieu of expensive helicopters. Real estate agents employ them for aerial photos and video. Wildlife researchers and search-and-rescue outfits are using them or studying the potential. Even the utility industry is interested in having them hunt for downed power lines after a storm.

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