TrendyZIP Mini Drone Hand Operated Toy by TRENDY PRO – UFO Flying Ball Indoor Drone (Short)

TrendyZIP Mini Drone Hand Operated Toy by TRENDY PRO – UFO Flying Ball Indoor Drone (Short)

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Turn A Boring Day Into A Fun-Filled Affair With The Trendy Pro Mini Drone!
It’s hand-controlled – NO remote required for flying!
Easy to fly for ALL ages!
The UFO shape and thrilling lights bring kids into the world of sci-fi, igniting their imagination.
The Activity Book teaches the kids how the mini drone works. It also contains riddles, coloring, and access to spin a wheel game for a chance to win a prize.

Perfect for the holiday season! Each drone includes a gift box that makes gift-giving a breeze!
Multiply the excitement! Choose a pack of 1 up to 3 drones to encourage several players.

👽 KID-FRIENDLY AIRCRAFT – This drone is very easy to use! Simply toss it lightly in the air, and watch it fly and hover on its own. Built-in sensors allow you to steer it using your hand.

👽 COOL 360° ROTATING AUTO FLY – Four propellers push the UFO drone up into the air, while a tiny motor at the center serves as the energy source. Kids will have a blast watching it rotate in the air!

👽DURABLE BODY – Designed to survive impact, our mini drone is made with flexible materials that can withstand countless crashes. No child is too unruly for it! It’s perfect for active children.

👽 ABSOLUTELY SAFE TO USE – The propellers are enclosed within the orb, out of your child’s reach. Children as young as 3 years old are allowed to play with our UFO mini drone.

👽CONVENIENTLY RECHARGEABLE – You can recharge this UFO drone using a USB cable. This means you won’t have to spend on expensive batteries, and the kids can take the orb for a spin for as long as they want!

The Zip mini drone does not require a remote control to fly. All you need to do is point at it and steer it whichever way you’d like. The built-in sensors serve as its own eyes and are programmed to avoid obstacles. It’s so easy to use, kids of all ages can enjoy it. Even little 4-year-olds can join in the fun! No more standing on the sidelines watching longingly as the older kids enjoy a cool toy. Kids at heart are also invited to the party!

Our cool mini drone opens children’s eyes to the potential of technology. It does a great job of piquing their curiosity. What could be more awesome than being able to control a flying orb using only your hand, and without touching it? It may just be the inspiration that will ignite dreams of becoming an engineer or an inventor.
Steer your own children in the right course!

Our gravity-defying drone relies on four tiny propellers for it to work, which means it has to be made of durable yet extremely lightweight materials. This leads to the added bonus of portability. This unit barely weighs anything, so you can easily take it everywhere.

Active play is important for children. It helps them hone their coordination, balance, and motor skills. It also allows them to spend their natural energy, which then leads to improved eating and sleeping habits. Controlled only by the hand, the Zip mini drone will have your child on his feet and running around.
Choose from packs of 1 up to 3 drones to encourage several players. This multiplies the excitement! This product also comes in a gift box. Perfect for the holiday season!

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