Velocidrone Quad Flight Simulator – Week 1

Velocidrone Quad Flight Simulator – Week 1

Velocidrone Quad Flight Simulator – Week 1 (9-29-19)

Follow me on my journey on learning to fly an FPV Quadcopter. I started practicing on the Velocidrone Simulator and thought it would be interesting to document my experience.

This is my first week using the Velocidrone Simulator. As you can see, I’m better at turning right vs turning left. I think the reason for this is that I am not smooth moving the sticks to the right. It’s something I’m going to have to work on.

One thing I recommend is watching TMac’s videos on PID settings and Throttle control. The videos are kind of long but will give you a great explanation of how the controller is controlling the quad. Originally, I used Mr. Steele’s settings but think they are too sensitive for an absolute beginner. After watching TMac’s videos, I was able to dial down the sensitively of the sticks and have better control on the quad. As I get better, I’ll adjust the settings.

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TMac Drone Rates:

TMac Better Throttle Control:

Mr. Steele’s Sim Setup:

Drone/Quadcopter Gear:


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