Warren Weinstein and US Drone Strikes w. Nahal Toosi of POLITICO

Warren Weinstein and US Drone Strikes w. Nahal Toosi of POLITICO

The drone strike that killed American al Qaeda hostage Warren Weinstein, the need for more transparency with our drone program, the status of former Marine Amir Hekmati in Iran, and more is discussed with Politico foreign correspondent Nahal Toosi in this Lip News interview hosted by Jackie Koppell.

Nahal Toosi is a foreign affairs correspondent at POLITICO. She joined POLITICO from The Associated Press, where she reported from and/or served as an editor in New York, Islamabad, Kabul and London. She was one of the first foreign correspondents to reach Abbottabad, Pakistan, after the killing of Osama bin Laden. Prior to joining the AP, Toosi worked for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where she mostly covered higher education but also managed to report from Iraq during the U.S. invasion in 2003, as well as from Egypt, Thailand and Germany.

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00:00 Welcome Nahal Toosi to The Lip News.
00:50 What is the future of the US drone program?
02:40 Alternatives to drone strikes.
04:45 Justification for drone strikes.
08:25 Is Amir Hekmati, a POW, going to be used a pawn in the Iran Nuclear Negotiations?
12:17 Being careful in Iran if you’re Iranian American.
14:00 Congressional decisions, vetoes and, Iran nuclear bill.
17:25 The 2016 Presidential elections.
19:00 Toosi’s drive to be a journalist.
20:05 Toosi in Abbottabad, Pakistan just after Bin Laden death.
21:40 Thank you and goodbye.

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